Top 3 of the most harmful toxins in cosmetics

  • Top 3 of the most harmful toxins in cosmetics

Autumn 2021. We have already enjoyed several weeks of this season and what better plan than to start living it with new goals and objectives. Avoiding putting chemicals on your skin that make it sick could be one of those purposes. It is vitally important to select the cosmetics we buy very well since it is used by children and the elderly.

When buying facial creams, shampoos, body gels, among other items, avoid that its ingredients are not found:

1. Parabens. It is a chemical substance that acts as a preservative and allows these cosmetics to last longer, but they can cause dermatitis to breast cancer. Pregnant women and children under three years of age should not use them.

2. Sulfates. They act as a detergent and cleanser, they clean so well that they remove the natural oil present on the scalp. By removing fat, dryness occurs, thus producing dandruff and hair weakness at the root, which ends in alopecia and / or itching.

3. And finally the perfume or fragrances. That rich smell! The typical phrase when we smell a shampoo, for example. Fragrances in cosmetics or "parfums", as long as they are of synthetic origin, can cause allergic reactions both at the respiratory level and on the skin. According to the dermatology department of the General University Hospital of Alicante, fragrances are the second cause of contact dermatitis in our environment and are often hidden on product labels under the name of phthalates.

Surely if you use cosmetics with these ingredients, nothing will happen to you, you will not get sick and your skin will look just as good, but with the passage of time they begin to notice havoc in it due to the abuse and excess of applying ingredients toxic day after day for years.
How often do you read the stickers? If your answer is "rarely," consider doing it more often, whether you buy physically or online, do not forget to read the INCI or ingredients. Natural and ecological cosmetics provide you with safe and effective products that protect your skin and perfectly fulfill their functions.

Dermatologist visits are on the rise due to skin problems.

You can buy a bottle of shampoo for up to 2 euros for 1 liter in many places, but the skin is the one who pays a high price!

Economically speaking, organic cosmetics are not as expensive as you think.

Welcome this last quarter of the year. Time to think about you and your family, because taking care of them is also implicit when purchasing products or services that after use, you know that they are taking care of themselves healthily and not risking their health.


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