Empower yourself! Today is the day

  • Empower yourself! Today is the day

That's how it is. Today, October 23, 2021, make time for yourself because you deserve it, because you are worth it. Pamper yourself from your hair to your feet, do those beauty and wellness routines that you don't do during the week due to lack of time. Sit in front of the mirror and observe your face with all its imperfections, you are not the only one, all women have them, some more visible than others.

You could start by washing your hair well. With the fingertips rub the scalp, rinse and repeat. Grease and environmental dirt will be removed.
Get a facial peel. Finally hydrate the skin of your face with moisturizers.

Massage those areas of the body that contract due to stress or bad positions with a good massage oil, if you live with your partner, it is the best day to massage each other.

From the other week, they say that the thermometers are starting to drop, the ideal time for you to take care of your lips by applying an organic balm. But a single day is not enough, use it daily. Hands are also dry from the cold. Keep them hydrated with a good cream, they will thank you!

Make up your mind from today to drink plenty of water every day.

Read up on healthy eating and get going. How about vegetables for lunch or dinner today?

Make your online purchases of what you have not been able to buy before.

Discard those products of daily use loaded with toxic ingredients that add nothing and immerse yourself in ecological cosmetics, in natural ones, free of chemicals that cause skin allergies.

Ultimately, it's about investing time in yourself, a great way to take care of yourself and protect yourself too. The skin is our largest organ and we neglect it due to the many occupations present in a woman's life, but it is never too late to attend to ourselves, take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, pamper ourselves.

Remember: your time is today, not tomorrow. They are the most sincere advice that a brand like Ozono D'or can give you because that is our company philosophy: sincere, responsible with its customers and with the planet, but above all, a natural cosmetic line brand that always seeks the common good .




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