Dermatology Dept.

Dermatology Dept.

How we work? Here we explain some details of our methodology, our resources and how we are working to achieve completely natural and effective products in SKIN CARE


Ozono D´or's dermatology department is responsible for the formulation and elaboration of each and every one of our cosmetic products. It is the result of a meticulous process where hygienic-sanitary manufacturing practices are respected and elaboration with the latest cosmetic-scientific technology. The production procedure follows standards based on the ISO 14644-1 standard that allows us to develop good manufacturing practices, guaranteeing the quality of the product. Cosmetics are made in a CLEAN ROOM or ISO VII type WHITE ROOM, which allows us an aseptic space free of bacteria and suspended particles due to a filtering, impulsion and return air system inside the room.

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We periodically carry out an environmental microbiological analysis of the Cosmetics Manufacturing White Room. We analyze surfaces and air. We carry out a hygiene control with non-aggressive products and after each cleaning, we apply our 20 g / h ozone cannon ozone cannon for 15 minutes.

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100% NATURAL and ecological

Laboratorios OZONO EUROPA, is the only one in the world dedicated to Ozone DermoCosmetics that 100% of the products we manufacture are Natural and their raw materials are from Organic crops, with Certification No. OZEU2050 / 01.

We elaborate a 100% natural cosmetic whose fundamental base lies in the ozonation of vegetable oils, mainly the organic extra virgin olive oil.

The real base of our cosmetics has its nucleus in the mixture of "OIL" of Organic Extra Virgin Olive (with CAAE marking) and "OZONE". The conjunction of these bases and other natural elements gives rise to products of a primary, secondary and tertiary nature, not only compatible with natural life, but necessary, beneficial and indispensable for our skin.

We do not test on animals, Silicone Free, Paraben Free, 100% Vegan, Salt Free, Sulfate Free.




It is essential for the members of this department to study and thoroughly investigate each of the cosmetics that we develop, its characteristics, activity, benefits and specific properties in each case. In this link you can expand information on dermatological treatments with ozonated oil.

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The raw material for cosmetics used by the Ozono D'or team has a surveillance system that guarantees that no chemical product can enter the manufacturing room, either directly or through cross-contamination with other products.

Our cosmetics are free of chemical substances such as parabens or other types of chemical antimicrobial agents, since the very nature of our products prevents bacterial growth. Access our section "Free Toxics" here to obtain more information.

Each new cosmetic that OZONO D'OR launches on the market is the product of a careful selection process to only include natural and really effective elements, both in its main function, such as the revitalization of the skin, as in the provision of aroma or the preservation properties of the product.

Some of these elements are: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, peppermint, essence of jasmine, etc.

Finally, it should be noted that all products are subjected to exhaustive quality control to guarantee the nature of the products and are treated with the delicacy that something natural deserves.

From Ozono D'or we guarantee the meticulous care of the raw materials used in the manufacture, we verify that their quality is maximum and that it meets the criteria set by biocosmetics, natural products and free of toxins.

Células de Aceite Gotas Aceite Ozonizado



In addition, in our laboratory we are committed to our clients. We will be able to offer you a personalized treatment if you require it, you can tell us your doubts, conditions or problems, and we will try to give you a prompt solution together.

The cosmetics that we manufacture here are not only products, they are a company philosophy that tries to reach all people to create a common good; and we understand that "a good" must be "common" to be "a good".

All our activity revolves around the achievement of a completely natural and effective product, so we try to unify our criteria and way of acting motivated by two simple ideas: "think naturally" and "think about the common good".