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The pack includes Foot Cream, Ozone Natural Soap and Ozone IP-1200 Ointment. These products contain antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Hydrates. Eliminate fungi. Ulcers. Cracks Hardness. Bad smell. Ideal for keeping feet cared for and hydrated.

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The Result of 10 years of Research has managed to eliminate foot fungus, without using chemical products, 100% natural

Products Pack to Eliminate Foot Fungus

The presence of toenail fungus is more frequent than we think, more than 6,900,000 people in Spain alone suffer from onychomycosis. This is how to remove fungus from the feet naturally without using chemicals or antibiotics:

1º Eliminate corns (calluses) from the feet as much as possible so that the cream comes into contact with the fungi and thus be able to eliminate them.

2º Wash your feet well with ozone soap, leaving them clean and dry.

3º Put ozonated oil, with high levels of peroxides, as follows:

At night: Apply a sufficient amount of IP-1200 ointment on the affected area / s and cover it with a plastic, so it will be working overnight and, in addition, the ointment will not come off.

In the mornigns: Apply Ozone Foot Cream

4º If you have a household ozone generator at home, disinfect all your shoes by placing them in a tightly closed plastic bag.

Repeat all of the above until the fungus is completely eliminated.

Why do ozone and peroxides eliminate 99.99% of fungi? Well, because they have an oxidation index higher than bleach and chlorine.

Oxidation Index:​








What products have the ozone and peroxide that I need to eliminate fungi without damaging the skin and that have a 100% natural and ecological certificate, in addition to having a guarantee that if I do not eliminate them in 4 months, they will refund my money?

Soap, Foot Cream and Ointment IP1200

Crema eliminar los hongos en los pies - OZONO D'ORAceite ozonizado para eliminar los hongos en los pies - OZONO D'OR






The result of 10 years of research, development and innovation. OZONO D’OR guarantee of results and satisfaction. OZONO EUROPA laboratories, is the only one in the world dedicated to Ozone DermoCosmetics that 100% of the products we manufacture are Natural and its raw materials are from Organic crops, with Certification.

como eliminar los hongos de los pies de forma natural sin quimicos


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