Share, help and earn money participating in the economy of the common good. 

It has never been easier to share what you like with others and participate in the economy of the commun good. 


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How does the Affiliate program work?

Very easy: By sharing, the person buys directly from the manufacturer avoiding intermediaries.


OZONO D´OR ----------> YOU


So the margin that intermediaries take today, is distributed equally among all affiliates according to their participation.

How it is distributed:

  • When you share information about Ozono D’or products and news on your social media, you get a 10% discount forever and on all subsequent purchases.
  • Every time a friend of yours (the new affiliate) makes Ozono D’or purchases, you also earn  10% of their purchase.
  • At the end of the month all purchases from all affiliates are added and you receive a commission of 2%-26% Rappel Scale

At present, this margin is taken by a few such as Corte Inglés, Amazon, Google, Mercadona, Carrefour, etc., accumulating great fortunes.

Now is for you!

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How much money I can earn by sharing helping others? 

There is no limit, as more affiliates buy, more money you make it.

How to earn € 600 per month:

80 affiliates who make a minimum purchase of € 25 + VAT per month.

How to earn € 1,200 per month:

160 affiliates who make a minimum purchase of € 25 + VAT per month.

Every time you have more affiliates as they accumulate and more products are available to buy, so each month the amounts are higher and you earn more money.

It's that simple. No SMALL LETTERS!

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How can you share with others?

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