Talk, cough, or sneeze: three verbs that previously went unnoticed

Talk, cough, or sneeze: three verbs that previously went unnoticed

  • Talk, cough, or sneeze: three verbs that previously went unnoticed

A group of American scientists assure that the coronavirus is transmitted through tiny particles called aerosols that are expelled when breathing, coughing or speaking. According to the prestigious journal Science, they point out that these microparticles, like smoke, can travel more than two meters and remain from seconds to hours in the air. Also, the United States Disease Control has included aerosols as a form of transmission, they warn of the danger of closed and poorly ventilated spaces.

Health administrations and the World Health Organization have been very cautious in declaring that the virus travels through the air and could potentially infect significantly.

According to the group of researchers, one of the problems they have highlighted is the lack of consensus in the terminology to distinguish between aerosols and droplets. For this reason, they have claimed to use the size threshold of 100 microns (µm), compared to 5 µm. "This size more effectively defines its aerodynamic behavior, the ability to be inhaled and the effectiveness of the interventions", they have pointed out.

" Viruses in droplets (larger than 100 μm) fall to the ground in seconds and reach up to two meters, so their exposure can be reduced with physical distance. Viruses in aerosols (less than 100 μm), on the other hand, "can remain suspended in the air for many seconds or hours, like smoke, and be inhaled", they pointed out.

Ventilating closed places by opening doors and windows is a great preventive measure and, in places that cannot be ventilated, the use of air purifiers with EPA filters is recommended. In the same way, ozone generators are very useful when cleaning and disinfecting the indoor environment such as restaurants, hotels, residences, houses, etc. They eliminate viruses, bacteria and bad odors. A domestic ozonator can be used with the presence of people, animals or plants, which guarantees that we can breathe clean air while we are in the company of one or more people.

Preventive measures with the use of these equipment must be accompanied by the use of masks, hand washing and the safety distance.


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