Ozone: no tricks and many deals

  • Ozone: no tricks and many deals

On the eve of Halloween night, it is worth writing about the tricks of the traditional cosmetic industry that many people offer, or we could call them hoaxes, false promises, misleading advertising.

First trick: use this shampoo and in a week you will have no more dandruff

Second trick: We are really 100% natural now, we no longer use chemicals.

Third trick: Influencer marketing, that is, if a product is used by the actress Penelope Cruz, then it is terrific.
And I could go on with the list ...

This is similar to the mischief that children do every October 31 when they knock on the doors of the houses and ask who opens the door, trick or treat? If the answer is trick, instead of receiving candy, the children will make a joke or prank. This is a tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries and that for years has been adding more followers in Spain. The little ones do not receive what they long for, receive sweets to fill their pumpkins to the fullest. Consumers of conventional cosmetics believe in promises of beauty and renewal of the skin or hair, at the point of toxic ingredients wrapped in exquisite fragrances.

On the other hand, when responding to treatment, many goodies are given to the little ones and the adults get rid of the jokes that they can make. Whoever opens the door to children, satisfies their needs, makes them smile, helps them fulfill the desire to receive lots of sweets, generates empathy. Natural and ecological cosmetics with ozone are like that. Among its many properties is to regenerate the skin by restoring life, to hydrate, protect and beautify without the use of substances that are harmful to the skin, that is, without chemical ingredients whose prices are very cheap but which, at the same time, is the skin. who pays a very high price. Natural cosmetics It is transparent. He does not joke. It does not make mischief.

Now you know! Let yourself be bewitched by the magic of organic cosmetics, the natural one, the one that has no tricks but many deals. This Sunday, October 31, with or without a mask, wear your best smile, feel proud of your face, of your skin, because if you did not know it, witches in medieval times were beautiful and intelligent and not ugly as many believe, for that were burned, the ugly thing is a myth. Therefore, you who read us, we wish you a happy Halloween, beautiful woman!


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