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Guaranteed body cleansing, leaving it soft, hydrated and with a pleasant aroma. Ideal for the care of irritated and damaged skin by external agents. Cases of pigmentation and dehydration. It favors the elimination of stains and dead cells. Coconut shell as a 100% natural exfoliant. Provides luminosity



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The result of 10 years of Research, Development and Innovation we have achieved the best Natural body scrub

Ozone Professional Body Scrub 500 ml

Exfoliante corporal natural OZONO DOR


This body scrub guarantees care for irritated skin damaged by external agentsUseful in cases of pigmentation, it favors the elimination of spots, dead cells and renews the superficial layer of the skin. Guaranteed body cleansing, leaving it soft, hydrated and with a pleasant aroma.


1. Antioxidant

       - Protects from the proliferation of free radicals that attack molecules (nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, etc.) and cause aging.


2. Elimination of toxins and dead cells

    - It is decongestant for the lymphatic system.


3. Moisturizing

    - Due to its ozonated olive oil content, it provides deep hydration, prevents water loss and gives the skin a smooth and fine texture. Useful on dry and irritated skin.


4. Healing

       - Powerful tissue regenerator that contributes to the repair of tissues.​


5. Antimicrobial

       - It attacks the plasma membranes of microorganisms, thus destroying their ability to live and reproduce.


6. Depigmenting

       - Elimination of body spots, useful in cases of Hyperpigmentation.


7. Oxygenation of the skin

       - Elimination od toxins and dead cells.


Icono Garantía de satisgacción We want the customer to feel 100% satisfied with the purchase made, for this, we manufacture all our products under strict quality controls, and we work with the best natural raw materials of organic production. For all this we offer four months of satisfaction in all our products, returning 100% of the total cost in case of dissatisfaction.

Icono 100% NaturalThis product is 100% natural because it does not contain any chemical substance or compound. All components come from natural raw materials (oils, waxes, essences, etc.). OZONE EUROPE Laboratories is the only one in the world dedicated to the Ozone DermoCosmetic that 100% of the products we manufacture are Natural and their raw materials from Organic crops, with Certification number OZEU2050/01.

Active Principles

Ozone Professional Body Scrub 500 ml is a body exfoliating cream that combines the cosmetic and protective benefits of premium quality ozonated organic extra virgin olive oil with the purification capacity provided by ozone.​ We use the coconut shell as a 100% natural exfoliant that intensely cleanses our skin, smoothes it, softens and regenerates the dermis, eliminating all those dead cells.​ Supports the natural anti-inflammatory system. It deeply hydrates and nourishes, purifies the skin and prevents the proliferation of germs present in skin conditions. It is a preparation formulated to achieve a local release of the active compounds, in addition to their emollient and protective action. It has a homogeneous appearance. Olive oil has a high moisturizing power and creates an occlusive layer that prevents water loss, helping the skin to maintain its elasticity and barrier function. It gives it a smooth and fine texture, with antioxidant effects avoiding irritations. Activates 2-3 DPG, it is an enzyme that acts in mechanisms related to blood circulation and, consequently, improves the fluidity of microcirculation and cellular oxygen metabolism; in this way, the skin is more oxygenated and remains young and revitalized.​ It has an oxidative effect externally. It helps in the repair of wounds and guarantees us a healthy future. We highlight the presence of vitamin C as an antioxidant and photosensitive agent, endowed with a sun protection factor. Brings luminosity to the skin. Useful on dry skin, suitable for sensitive skin.


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500 ml








Min.5 - Max.8


 PET container


Fresh and dry place


8.7 x 9.9 cm



Dehydration and pigmentation. Body cleansing. Moisturizes, nourishes, removes stains and protects from any infection.



It is a semisolid preparation formulated to achieve a local release of the active compounds, in addition to its emollient and protective action.                                              It has a homogeneous appearance, made up of a base of natural origin with several phases, with hydrophobic properties.



With the body dry, apply all over the body and rub for several minutes. Rinse with hot water.



Ingredientes: Aqua, Ozonized Olea europeae oil, Cocos nutifera shell powder, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Parfum, Ascorbic acid, Xanthan Gum.



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