OZONO D'OR, we act as we feel.

The economy of the common good is in our DNA, it is oriented to the good of all.

Our intention is to help people solve current health and wellness problems, obtaining greater happiness and harmony.

After 10 years of research, development and innovation, we have obtained a unique active principle in the world capable of solving problems with daily use. Each time we are expanding its applications as research progresses, obtaining products of the highest quality and at prices that allow everyone to enjoy its benefits.


We are the same as you and we are by your side, that is why we are a different company. 

In OZONO D'OR there is no speculation with their shares, the sale of their shares is NOT allowed, they are transmitted to those who contribute the most to the common good.


90% of the profits are dedicated to R + D + i, it is the only way to achieve solutions to existing and future problems


The remaining 10% is to help people who have problems where our activity can help them if they lack the resources to obtain them.

The minimum salary we pay is above what is established by law and the maximum salary is limited to 20 times the minimum salary we pay.

We take care of our suppliers so that the products and services they provide us comply as much as possible with the economy of the common good; Quality and ecology come first with a fair cost and payment in advance. 


Our commitment to nature is total. Our actions are aimed at improving every day, for this reason, we do not use chemicals that pollute so much or disposable plastics. 


All raw materials are natural and organic with certification. 

All the packaging we use is 100% recyclable

Our products are shipped in cardboard boxes and recyclable paper. Within them, the products are protected with wild plants from manual pruning controlled with permission from the authorities, thus contributing to the health of the tree and the customer receives natural organic matter that protects the products from blows during shipment. All plants are washed and disinfected with ozone even coming from a natural park.


How can I participate? 

Taking advantage of the benefits of  OZONO D'OR products and participating in the affiliate program.