Christmas: the perfect gift

  • Christmas: the perfect gift

It is time to think about what to give to your family and the people you love the most this Christmas. Here we propose various inexpensive and healthy ideas from the Ozono D’or range for you to give away, make the purchase from home and if you want, ask us to wrap it for you and it will be ready to give as a gift. Something very important: make your order / s in advance, we receive a lot of them every day and we want you to have yours on time.

Gifts for Dad Christmas

We suggest that you give Dad the ozone aftershave and you will see that he will tell you the feeling of freshness that he leaves in his beard after he uses it. It will take you a short time since with a single drop, he will reach you for the entire shaved area. He is sure to enjoy all the holidays without irritation.
Or, how about a shampoo? Or, a hand cream?

Gifts for mom at Christmas
You can give the queen of the house our Day Facial Routine pack that includes soap, facial peeling, lip balm and night facial cream. All of them organic, without a drop of chemical ingredients and suitable for sensitive or atopic skin. Without a doubt, it will be a gift that you will be successful with since you buy several products at a better price than if you buy them separately.

If you have to give your invisible friend

For her: She will love the body milk! Because of its smell, because of its texture, because of the aroma it leaves on the skin, because of how quickly it is absorbed, for everything ... And in cold weather it will come in handy since with its daily use, it avoids dry skin.
The serum. Another product that we suggest is this. Before launching this product, many women asked us about it, when we would have it for sale. You liked it a lot, surely your secret friend will not be the exception.
Its hydrating power makes the skin look healthy and with its natural shine, it contains 17 ingredients, all natural, one of the reasons that make it unique. And the presentation of the product will delight you and her.

For him: The natural ozone shampoo is indicated for all types of hair. If it is a person whom you do not know very well, with this you will not have to think if it is good for him or not because you are going to get it right. It is suitable for problems of dandruff, fat, alopecia.

Christmas gifts for friends

Hand cream: It is the most indicated to protect them from the cold and as it is a disinfectant thanks to ozone, it does not hurt to give a useful product to keep hands protected and free of bacteria.
Ozonated oil for tattoos: It is an economical and healthy product because it prevents irritations and infections that freshly made tattoos can cause. So if you have friends who love tattoos, go for the oil!
Lip balm: An ideal detail for this winter. They and they can use it.

Liquid hand soap: It is one of our new products. It is quick and easy to rinse, you will like its smell. We invite you to try it and give it a space in your bathroom.
On our website you can take a look and learn more about our bio, natural and ecological cosmetics so that you know for sure what to give this Christmas 2021. 


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