Disposable makeup remover pads: among the most polluting on the planet

  • Disposable makeup remover pads: among the most polluting on the planet

Did you know that throwing garbage in the toilet affects the pollution of the planet and that many animals die? It depends on us that whales, seals, dolphins and other marine species cross oceans and do not continue to die because of the garbage that reaches the sea through a simple toilet.

It is customary for some people to throw toilet paper, cotton swabs, wet wipes, makeup remover cotton discs, among others, into the toilet, because they may think that when they come into contact with water they will disintegrate. Nothing more false than this! By doing so, the sewage network clogs and much of this garbage ends up in the sea, negatively affecting the flora and fauna. Also keep in mind that many of these items contain plastic that, over time, turns into microplastics, tiny insoluble particles that also affect people.
Each year a woman uses between 720 and 2,100 disposable cotton pads. She multiplies these figures by thousands more women, the total result is devastating to pollute our planet.
According to the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS), each Spaniard uses more than 15 kg of make-up remover wipes per year, more than 9 million of them are thrown away, the rest is thrown into the toilet. If this situation does not change in many homes, places of work and leisure, those who are dedicated to plumbing will have work thanks to clogging.

Solutions to mitigate environmental pollution

The change of thinking and behavior of those who throw garbage in the toilet is paramount. Nothing simpler than using it only to perform physiological needs and throw away toilet paper if it is degradable. Personal hygiene products and others must be thrown into the garbage can suitable for it.
Another solution is to use reusable products, in this case, reusable cotton pads, they cannot be missing from a facial cleansing routine. They are ideal for removing makeup, applying toner, serum and even removing nail polish. As its name indicates, they are made of 100% cotton and others of cotton and bamboo.

With its use, many advantages can be obtained:

1. They have a long useful life, they can be given more than one use, they are thrown into the washing machine inside the laundry net that some bring or by hand if you prefer. Once they are dry, they will be ready for their next use.
2. The economic savings will be noticeable, the next ones to buy will be after a few months, unlike the disposable ones.
3. Reusable cotton pads can be used by everyone regardless of skin type. They will feel the softness on the face that characterizes its main raw material without doing any damage to the face.
4. You will be contributing to marine animals conserving their lives, so that there is less garbage in the seas, sewers and in the entire ecosystem.
Obviously, at some point these reusable cotton pads have to be thrown away. Put them in the rubbish bin but never in the toilet or toilet.

How long do scratch disks last?

Like all items that are purchased, its durability depends on the use that is given to it, the brand and the manufacturing material. A single disc can be used up to 6 times.

Where are they thrown?

After the end of their useful life, reusable discs must be disposed of in the waste container (the gray one), intended for non-recyclable waste and that are not compostable, that is, they do not turn into organic fertilizer.

What is another name for the reusable makeup remover pad?

It is also known as a makeup remover pad or makeup remover pad.

How are they cleaned?

The cleaning of these is simple, it is recommended to wash them before their first use for greater softness and absorbency.
-Rinse with warm soapy water after each use to remove oil and other residue. Discs can be used multiple times before being machine washed for thorough cleaning.
-Machine Wash: Place the pads in the included laundry bag and wash at 40° - 60°C. Do not use fabric softener and allow to air dry.

Pollution is a reality that will not stop whether or not you use reusable products, but if you decide to do so in addition to using the toilet properly, you will be contributing to less waste reaching the sewers, there will be less garbage in the sea and preserving the life of all living beings.


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