Eye contour serum: your doubts resolved!

  • Eye contour serum: your doubts resolved!

Moisturizing the skin around the eyes is vital, just like the rest of the face, otherwise the dreaded dark circles appear (imagine a panda bear) and drooping eyelids. So, don't forget to put 'cream' in this area too.

The eye contour is the thin and delicate skin that is around them, with your finger draw a circle around the eyes and within it the eyelids and dark circles will remain. It is the area of the face that tends to age faster since it does not contain adipose tissue or sebaceous glands, for this reason, external environmental changes affect it more.

Sunlight, lack of sleep, a dry environment or unhealthy diets can facilitate the appearance of dark circles and expression lines, also known as crow's feet, also caused by facial gestures. As a curious fact, did you know that we blink up to 10,000 times a day? All these blinks leave their mark, hence the importance of hydrating this area of the face.

Dark circles are one of the most common problems around the eyes. They are blood vessels that darken due to lack of oxygen and hydration that appear under the lower eyelids of the eyes, the skin there is thinner than in another part of the face. Bags under the eyes, or swollen eyes is the other common problem, it is an inflammation under the eyes for various reasons: fluid retention, lack of sleep, genetic predisposition or weakening of the muscles according to age. Hence the importance of applying cosmetics that hydrate and that are not the same as those used for the entire face.

What is an eye contour serum and what is it for?

The eye contour serum is a facial cosmetic with a more liquid texture than a moisturizer, it is used to hydrate the skin of the eyelids and dark circles, restoring vitality and elasticity, reducing dryness.

Likewise, it protects it from climatic changes and helps to noticeably hide dark circles and inflammation. Its active ingredients penetrate more into the skin thanks to its light texture, unlike a denser cosmetic.

Regenerates and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, creating a lifting effect to enhance the eyes.

Reduces crow's feet, droopy eyelids, loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation and blemishes.

And the best: serum + ozone

Get that misconception out of your mind about oil-containing cosmetics leaving skin shiny or oily. Ozone prevents this from happening and provides other great benefits:


Improves drainage, reducing congestion accumulated in the bags, by stimulating microcirculation due to its ozonide and peroxide content in Organic Grape Seed Oil with ozone.


Powerful cell regenerator, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenates tissues and revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes, due to its contribution of millions of O3 oxygen molecules.


Moisturizes intensely and deeply. It is absorbed very quickly and your skin will be nourished, hydrated and repaired. It leaves a silky skin sensation, due to its content in Ozonated Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado, Sweet Almonds, vegetable glycerin, Vitamins B3, A, B, C, D, E, K and omega 3, 6 and 9.


Eliminates microorganisms by balancing the microbiota of the skin, shrinking the pores so that the microparticles of pollution do not penetrate, due to its content in Organic Oil with ozone.

How is it used?

If it is serum format, shake it very well. With a clean face, apply the product every morning and night in the area of dark circles and eyelids, make circular movements and extend it to the well-known crow's feet. It is not necessary to use your fingers, the roll-on format extends it all the way around. On the other hand, if you have to use your fingers to apply the serum, it is advisable to use your ring finger to dab lightly.

At what point in a facial routine is it applied?

With a clean, dry face and eyes without makeup, that is, after cleansing, you can apply the serum first than the other products to delimit the area and thus ensure that the other cosmetics you use do not come into contact with the area of the skin. eye contour and penetrate well into the skin.

What is recommended for the eye contour?

To take care of the eye contour, it is recommended to start once you reach the age of 25. It is believed that if you reach 60, it will no longer be worth taking care of ourselves as some women begin to see aging for what it is, something completely normal, even so, it should not be neglected! Droopy eyelids must also be pampered.
Removing all makeup on a daily basis is also important. Remains of shadows, or mascara, dry and dehydrate the skin more.
Apply the appropriate amount of product. It's just a tiny amount, not because you apply more, you'll get more results.
Continue with the treatment. It is not enough that you put the product on a few times, you must be constant. How to rejuvenate the eye contour? Now you know!

serum is good for dark circles?

Currently, there are different brands, prices, etc... As it is a cosmetic that will be in contact with the eyes for several hours, a natural and ecological serum would be the one indicated as it is friendlier to the skin and is free of ingredients toxic.

What happens if I put hyaluronic acid on my dark circles?

It will not be necessary since the ozone serum contains hyaluronic acid that enhances and maximizes its effects.

How to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes?

A good rest will significantly reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. In some people, due to their genetics, they have darker dark circles, they are like that and they are not going to change.
Reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, if this is your case.
Consume less salt, so the body does not retain water and inflammation is avoided.
Hydrate the area. Apply a moisturizing cosmetic suitable for this area of the face that does not sting the eyes.

What comes first, the serum or the eye cream?

The cosmetic to use first of all is the serum, so it has direct contact with the skin and other products do not interfere in the absorption process. Next, apply the cream.

How long is the serum left on the face?

The serum acts all day, does not rinse.

When to start using eye contour?

Every woman's skin is unique. There is no ideal age to start taking care of your face, although if you start taking care of it from approximately 25 years of age, the prevention of wrinkles will be successful.

How effective is the eye contour?

Like all facial treatment products, if you don't use it with discipline and consistency, the results will be nil. On the other hand, if you apply it daily, if you use a quality product, you will notice results. Its ingredients are much more concentrated than a normal cream, therefore its benefits are greater.
This area of the eyes is very dry, with the first contact you have with the product, you will notice the hydration immediately.

Now you know that a moisturizing facial cream is not good for the contour.

You also know that with its use you will hide dark circles and bags.

Your look will express well-being, joy.

That at 60, as well as at 30, your skin deserves to be equally well cared for. It will always be a good time to start.


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