Having long and natural eyelashes is possible: see how

  • Having long and natural eyelashes is possible: see how

If you belong to the wide world of what is natural and not artificial, of what is healthy and non-toxic, then you will be interested in knowing how to achieve a look that makes an impact, that transmits your personality through those small hairs on the eyelids. Go for it!

What are tabs and their function?

Eyelashes are hairs located on the eyelids that protect them from dust and other particles present in the environment. Any woman, and even men, who do not have them very visible, would surely like to have them long and abundant, which is why they resort to the use of mascara and treatments for eyelash growth, which by the way, are currently the boom.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

The eyelashes are very sensitive to touch, if you rub your eyes roughly or clean them with a lot of force, for example, they can fall out easily. But don't worry, they grow back, it takes 1 to 2 months, a reasonable time considering that there are approximately 300 hairs on each eyelid.

Eyelash treatment

Currently there are several treatments to increase the volume and length of the eyelashes:

Lifting, which consists of stretching the eyelash itself, lasts approximately 6 weeks.
Hair by hair, on the person's natural eyelash, false hairs are placed, one by one.
Permanent mascara, which promises a duration of three weeks without removing makeup from the eyelashes. They recommend that it be applied by a professional.
Extensions or false eyelashes, stick to the edge of the eyelids, can become uncomfortable and it is best to remove them at the end of the day or when you no longer want to wear them and sleeping with them is not recommended. This is the cheapest option.

How to make eyelashes longer?
What to do to have long and thick eyelashes?
How to recover my natural eyelashes?
How to restore eyelashes?
How to grow eyelashes without damaging the eyes?
How to do to lengthen eyelashes without mascara?

Some of the above questions may have been asked if what you want is to have eyelashes that make an impact but unfortunately, they are short and go unnoticed. All these questions lead us to a single answer:
Olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, are stimulants to help the growth and strengthening of each hair that forms the eyelashes, so imagine the effectiveness of the Ozone Eyelash Serum that contains all these oils in one cosmetic, the benefits it provides will fulfill the dream of wearing eyelashes with a wow effect!

• Lengthens and increases density
• Reduces premature eyelash loss, providing well-being and beauty.
• The serum not only strengthens them, but also helps regenerate damaged eyelashes, thus looking healthier.
• Formula with natural ingredients to avoid irritation.

But eyelash serum, like other cosmetics, is not magic. The lifestyle of each person has a lot to do with their health. Why don't my eyelashes grow? The lack of vitamins, age, stress, the use of aggressive make-up, not removing make-up and/or hormonal disorders can affect growth and make them weak, more prone to falling.
And once you achieve your goal of having them like butterfly wings, you should know how to care for your eyelashes:

Moisten a cotton pad with micellar water or make-up remover and remove makeup from the eye contour area, rub very gently on the eyelashes. You don't need to rinse with water. Routine that you should do every night before going to sleep. If you stay at home longer and do not put on makeup, you can apply the ozone serum twice a day or as many times as you want, it is a natural product with no contraindications.

Organic cosmetics, yes!

The eyes and their contours are delicate, so avoid putting makeup on them with cosmetics that contain toxic ingredients. An example of this is ethanol, it dries out the eyelashes, making them weak. Parabens and phthalates also do not provide well-being.

Beware of sick eyes

Makeup should be like a toothbrush: non-transferable, only you use it. But we know that between friends or sisters, mothers and daughters, they are shared, as far as possible avoid doing so, use them only you, so you will avoid contagion of infections, bacteria or health problems such as conjunctivitis, stye, itching.


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