Micellar water: benefits and how to use it

  • Micellar water: benefits and how to use it

Perfect for cleaning the face and removing makeup, it can be replaced with soap if you wish, there is no sensitive skin that can resist it, delicate like you. This is micellar water, a cosmetic that you should know about.


What is micellar water and what is it used for?

Micellar water is made up of micelles. Micelles are molecules that attract dirt and sebum present on the face, which are isolated and transported through water for elimination. They act as emulsifiers, that is, they allow insoluble compounds to be dissolved, which makes it optimal for cleaning and moisturizing the skin.
We can say then that micellar water is a product in liquid format to cleanse the face, it is also a make-up remover, capable of removing even waterproof make-up thanks to the micelles that act like magnets to remove very difficult particles.

There are several benefits that the skin receives:

1. Removes dirt and thins waterproof makeup in one easy step.
2. Reduces excess sebum without drying the skin, respecting the Ph, you will feel how it looks soft and hydrated.
3. Avoid irritations caused by cleansing and makeup removal
4. Skin is left fresh, smooth and deeply cleansed, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress-free.
5. It is very practical, quick to use as it cleans and removes make-up. Ideal for some women who are lazy to remove makeup and cleanse their face every night, especially eye makeup, which is usually the most difficult sometimes.

As a curious fact, French women began to use micellar water in 1913 when drinking water was not yet accessible to the entire population.
Can it be applied on sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin or atopic skin, it is the ideal product as it does not contain irritating ingredients such as parabens, perfumes, dyes or alcohol. If a person with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of micellar water, imagine the benefits for normal skin.

And in skin with acne?

As it does not contain oily bases (oils), skin with acne or pimples on the face will not be affected after use, micellar water will not add sebum to the skin and will not irritate it. Without a doubt, one of the best organic cosmetics you can have.

When should micellar water be used?

It can be used in the morning to cleanse the face and eliminate sebum or oil produced during the night. Also when you want to remove makeup at night or at the time you prefer.

How is micellar water used on the face?

After washing your hands, soak a cotton pad (or whatever is necessary) and make circular movements, do not drag. If you drag, you transport dirt from one place to another without removing it. With a few taps, the micelles capture the make-up to be removed and other impurities.
It is not necessary to rinse it, once you finish, let the skin breathe and absorb the product to hydrate it.

How long is micellar water left on the face?

The area of ​​the eyes is the one that uses the most makeup, what if the mascara or mascara, what if the shadows, what if the eyeliner pencil, etc, etc… For this reason, more time is spent on it but it is easy to remove the make-up:
1. Soak the cotton pad in micellar water and let it sit on one eye first, or both at the same time if you prefer, for several seconds to soften the makeup.
2. Gently rub without pressing, remember that this area is delicate. Repeat the previous step and pass it again until you notice that the disc comes out clean.
3. Check that the eyes are completely clean so that you can continue with the rest of the face.

What comes first soap or micellar water?

There are people who want to continue using soap to wash and clean their faces, it is up to each one. If this is your case, the ideal is for it to be organic, soft and respectful of the skin so as not to alter the pH. You should always apply the micellar water and then the soap. Its use is not necessary, the micelles contained in the water deeply cleanse the dermis.

What is the best micellar water?

As there are many make-up removers such as cleansing milk and gel, we do not know which one to choose, each one fulfills its function depending on the type of skin on which it is applied, but micellar water cleanses, moisturizes, renews the skin, eliminates fat, it is a ' all in one'. Very effective for removing the most resistant makeup such as waterproof, something that others do not do. You must choose it according to your skin type or use one that is valid for all types.

How is it different from facial toner

Both the micellar water and the toner hydrate the skin, restore it, eliminate impurities, can be applied to different types of skin, leave it clean and fresh, among others. But the big difference is that micellar water is a make-up remover, facial toner is not.

What comes after micellar water?

Once you have cleaned the skin, you can then apply the toner, one of its functions is to prepare the skin so that the other products are better absorbed.

What are the differences between micellar water and rose water?

Rose water has many uses, not just for facials. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in the mouth, against acne, headaches, as a lotion after getting dressed, it has relaxing effects. It is known as the product of a thousand and one uses. Micellar water is only used to clean the skin of the face and as a make-up remover.

In which steps of a facial routine do I apply the water?

In a facial cleansing routine, it is advisable to start applying the product with the lightest texture and the thickest ones, leaving them last. Micellar water, being liquid, would be the first cosmetic to apply to clean the skin if it is in the morning and if it is at night, to cleanse the face and remove makeup.

What is the order of a facial cleansing?

The order of the factors does alter the result in terms of facial cleansing. The most appropriate order of cosmetics is:
micellar water
eye contour
Makeup (optional)
After cleansing with micellar water, you can perform a peel once a week and continue applying the other products in the same order. If you have acne or pimples on your face, you can apply acne cream instead of moisturizer.



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