Mosquito bites: they heal so fast!

  • Mosquito bites: they heal so fast!

Summer 2023 arrived and with it, insect bites and other animals, the most common are mosquito bites, fly bites, jellyfish sting, ant bites, bee stings, wasp stings, in short, there are many insects that visit us during the summer. late spring and all summer that not only disturb good weather and good times with family and friends, but can also leave marks on the skin and cause extreme itching.

As a curious fact, it is the females that bite (mosquitoes) so that their eggs grow and mature thanks to the blood. But in our society the term mosquito bite is well established and it will be up to each person to correct this expression from their vocabulary.

When to worry about a mosquito bite?

The symptoms of bites, in addition to itching, are bumps on the skin and redness. There are more severe ones such as fever, extensive skin rash or pain if it exceeds 3 days, in this case it will be better to consult a doctor.

How to avoid insect bites?

If you notice the presence of these bugs in your environment, you should take into account the following recommendations and avoid being bitten:
≈ Do not go near garbage containers.
≈ Do not carry out gardening work without protection.
≈ Try not to wear wide clothing or bright colors, at least if you live in the countryside or in residential areas.
≈ Do not use strong-smelling perfumes or colognes.
≈ Do not drink drinks directly from opaque containers that have been previously opened.
≈ Avoid eating and/or drinking outdoors or near hives.
≈ Before traveling by car, check that there are no insects inside and it is better that you roll up the windows.
≈ Do not make sudden movements if there is a risk of being bitten by a nearby insect.

What to do to relieve mosquito bites?

Or you also wonder what cream is good for insect bites? Instead of creams, you have at your disposal to apply ozonated oil on the bite in a brush format. Eliminate itching, inflammation and redness due to its high concentration of ozone, are its main functions.
1. Regenerating
Powerful cell regenerator. It stimulates microcirculation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the skin damaged by the bite. Thanks to its millions of O3 super oxygen molecules, forget about scars.
2. Antimicrobial
Avoid and eliminate bacteria caused by the bite. Due to its high ozonide content, it is capable of breaking the DNA chain without the possibility of infection.
3. Moisturizing
Intensely hydrates and restores elasticity and comfort when the epidermis is compromised, thanks to its content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
4. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
Eliminates itching and inflammation by improving blood microcirculation due to its high content of Ozonated Sunflower Oil, which provides millions of O3 super oxygen molecules.

Due to its brush format, the product does not have contact with the hands, reducing the risk of contagion by bacteria, it is only necessary to remove the cap and put it on. Before bites, the faster you act, the better.

How long does the itch of a mosquito bite last?

Sometimes it is enough for the mosquito to bite, the person reacts, scratches a little and that's it. But, there are other cases in which it causes extreme itching that the person feels an exaggerated desire to scratch for several days, which can cause small wounds on the skin.

How do I know what bit me?

To find out which animal has bitten you, you can remember the places where you were on the day of the bite and thus try to identify it. Observe the affected skin area and any changes that may occur. Ant and mosquito bites are similar, lumps form, cause itching, redness and if the person scratches a lot, it can cause pus. On the other hand, wasp and bee stings are identified faster since they cause intense pain, the skin swells, the wasp does not leave the stinger stuck and the bee does. The day after the bite, when you touch yourself you can feel pain as if it were a blow.

When a tick bites, it usually remains attached to the skin while it sucks blood from its host and who sometimes goes unnoticed by the presence of this animal on its skin until a black scab is found after a few days.
Generally, those affected have a greater desire to know which animal caused the bite if it worsens, otherwise it goes unnoticed and scratching the area should be avoided.

Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others?

This usually happens. Those with type O blood tend to be preferred by mosquitoes twice as often as individuals with other blood types, and this happens because they have higher levels of lactic acid in their skin and it helps them identify people with blood type O. type O, which provides them with better nutrition compared to types A or B. Another factor is the amount of carbon dioxide CO2 that we emit, the more amount, the more likely we are to get bitten.

What do mosquitoes hate?

Smell of citronella, lavender, rosemary, lemon or mint, mosquitoes do not like. So now you know how to scare them away from your home, office or other place.

What is the color that most attracts mosquitoes?

According to a study published by the journal Nature Communications, the behavior of more than 1.3 million mosquito trajectories concluded that the colors for which these insects show more sensitivity are red and orange, which in turn would explain the strong attraction of mosquitoes for human skin. To find out, the scientists placed the mosquitoes in boxes marked with different colored dots and sprayed these containers with olfactory stimuli. The results obtained were that the colors to which the mosquitoes were most directed were black, orange, cyan and, above all, red, because it has one of the highest wavelengths. These wavelengths refer to what is known as the "visible light spectrum", that is, the electromagnetic radiation that the human brain is capable of interpreting as light and color.

Where do mosquitoes bite the most?

These animals are attracted to the temperature and more so if there is humidity in the area. They have a great sense of smell, which is why they like the smell that comes from the feet thanks to the presence of bacteria, which is why it is not uncommon for them to love to bite more on ankles and calves. Although there will be times when they want to peck any part of the body.

Where do mosquitoes hide in a room?

Under the bed, in curtains and behind doors, mosquitoes often hide.

Is it true that people who have drunk beer bite more?

This is another curious fact. According to research conducted by Science Insider and published in the book 'The Mosquito', by Timothy C. Winegard, 15 minutes after drinking beer, people are more prone to bites from these animals because alcohol raises the temperature people's body.

The animal kingdom is really wonderful and fascinating. You have just learned about mosquitoes that you may not have known (or mosquitoes, rather) and that do not bite just because. Then you know how to avoid bites and what to apply when you are a victim of these insects. And if you drink beers in summer, something very normal and appetizing during the summer, always carry the post-bite brush with you, apply it when a bug bites you and continue enjoying!


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