Ozonated Olive Oil 100 ml

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Its high content of ozone and peroxides helps protect, maintain and modify unhealthy aspects of your skin. Stretch marks. Scars. Varicose veins. Itch. Burns. Psoriasis. Infections. Sensitive skin. Seborrheic dermatitis. Herpes.

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The result of 10 years of Research, Development and Innovation we have achieved the best ozonated oil for your Health and Well-being

Ozonated Olive Oil 100 ml

Visual aplicaciones Aceite OzonizadoA MULTIPURPOSE OIL FOR ALL YOUR SKIN


1. Antioxidant

      Olive oil contains polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds whose function is to protect from cell damage and control the inflammation of tissues.


2. Flexibility of red blood cells

    Improves platelet microcirculation, prevents the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins.


3. Modulate oxidative stress

        Optimization of defense systems against reactive oxidant species, which cause cellular aging.


4. Healing

       Powerful tissue regenerator.


5. Antimicrobial

       It destroys the microorganisms present (fungi, bacteria and viruses), attacking their membranes and cell walls, causing pores in them, and denaturing the proteins and their genetic material.  


6. Promotes the release of growth factors (Cytokines)

       Modulate the activity of the immune system, increasing the defenses.


Icono Garantía de satisgacción We want the customer to feel 100% satisfied with the purchase made, for this, we manufacture all our products under strict quality controls, and we work with the best natural raw materials of organic production. For all this we offer four months of satisfaction in all our products, returning 100% of the total cost in case of dissatisfaction.

Icono 100% NaturalThis product is 100% natural because it does not contain any chemical substance or compound. All components come from natural raw materials (oils, waxes, essences, etc.). OZONE EUROPE Laboratories is the only one in the world dedicated to the Ozone DermoCosmetic that 100% of the products we manufacture are Natural and their raw materials from Organic crops, with Certification number OZEU2050/01.

Active Principles

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The ozonized extra virgin olive oil with Ecological certification, provides all the benefits of olive oil: it has an antimicrobial effect; activates local antioxidant mechanisms; promotes healing; improves oxygen metabolism; increases the flexibility of red blood cells; increases the production of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate responsible for the release of oxygen to tissues; modulates oxidative stress and reacts directly with unsaturated fatty acids that are transformed into water-soluble compounds.

The ozonated olive oil "Ozone D'OR" accelerates the regeneration of the skin and acts against blood circulation problems helping to prevent stretch marks and varicose veins. The application of ozonated oil on the injured skin activates circulation and increases cellular energy, due to an improvement in oxygen metabolism.



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Data sheet





100 ml


Dense liquid






Min.5 - Max.6


Frosted glass jar


Fresh and dry place


4.3 x 13.7 x 4.3 cm



Infections caused by various microorganisms, ulcers, fungal, herpes, burns or psoriasis.



Formulated with extra virgin olive oil that has been ozonated with an ozone content lower than the amount required to saturate the oil, thus obtaining a cosmetically acceptable ozonated oil for topical application on the skin.



Apply by massaging the affected area 1 to 3 times a day until completely absorbed. If the skin problem persists and / or increases, apply it more times a day following the same pattern.



Ingredients: Ozonized Olea europaea oil.


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