About us
The origin
Our Beginnings
The need to obtain a product to care for and regenerate the skin without toxins, 100% natural, is because at the age of 18 playing soccer I broke my neck, leaving me quadriplegic with 80% of my body paralyzed, leaving me with sequelae that cause injuries to my skin, such as ulcers from sitting in the wheelchair for so long. These sequels with age are increasing, I did not find any effective product, I had to spend months in bed to avoid generating pressure on the ulcer so that the skin regenerated slowly. With time to think and knowing that the reason for the appearance of ulcers is due to a lack of blood flow and, consequently, a lack of oxygen for the cells to live and regenerate.
Ruined, homeless, separated and with 80% of my body paralyzed.
After 20 years as an entrepreneur, of hard work, I managed to get my companies to obtain profits of €6,000,000, which later, when the 2008 crisis hit, all the investments were unsuccessful, having to close the companies having lost everything they had earned. I found myself with nothing and with consequences that were getting worse and worse, I started looking for a solution for my skin problem. Not finding any product that would solve my problems and knowing that it was due to lack of circulation as there was not enough oxygen, I began to investigate and found out about ozone. I proposed the project of creating a product to regenerate the skin to my friend Jorge Gómez, he opted for the project and we started in Arcos de la Frontera hiring an engineer and a pharmacist with a specialty in Dermatology and compounding. Little by little I got to know other people who selflessly got involved in the project with the aim of helping.
The solution
After years of research we managed to develop the system where using pure oxygen to generate ozone and extra virgin olive oil. We convert the double bonds of fatty acids into ozonides and peroxides, trapping millions of active oxygen molecules. After 11 years we have our own laboratory and factory for manufacturing cosmetics in a clean room with all the quality controls of the European Union and a multidisciplinary team where we research, develop and innovate. We are the only laboratory in the world with this system with which we obtain our unique active ingredient in the world that we adapt according to the needs of the skin.
Since then, all my skin problems have been solved and they allow me to work 14 hours a day without problems, as well as thousands of people with skin problems, including sensitive, allergic or atopic skin, who manage to take care of their skin safely, increasing their self-esteem and natural beauty.
Our goal is that everyone benefits from the benefits of products with ozone and participate in the common good, in fairer trade and protection of the planet.
These 33 years of adventures full of experiences and challenges have led me to be rich with little things and intangible values, leaving money in the last place and only as a means and not as an end, creating a business model upside down, where we are at side of the people.