The gift you deserve: ozone facial serum

  • The gift you deserve: ozone facial serum

Dates of much celebration are approaching, a key moment to prepare your skin and look radiant. How about you give yourself our serum as a gift? Sometimes buying things from ourselves enriches our mood.

Often times, women loyal to our brand who decide to try it for the first time, ask us how to apply the serum: what if before the face cream, what if after, what if I spread it with the fingertips, what if with little touches . That is why in this post we will answer the questions so that you decide to try it, if you already use it, then continue with it.
Every day, preferably in the morning, wash your face with soap and water, dry it and then apply a very small amount of the product on the face, spread it with the fingertips until it is absorbed; avoid contact with the eye contour. After applying the day cream, the serum is a complement to facial creams, it should always be accompanied by your usual daily cream.

Why bet on a natural serum?

If you are a woman who considers that her skin deserves to be in contact with products that do not harm and that you want to tell those cosmetics that are full of chemical ingredients until never, you should bet on an ecological serum formulated with 17 natural ingredients for care of the skin that will bring you many benefits, to mention some of them:

Extra fast absorption, does not leave skin oily

Renewed skin from the first days of use

Total hydration

It hides existing lines and wrinkles and prevents new ones from coming out.

Provides elasticity to the skin

What makes ozone facial serum so special?

It took many months of studying and analyzing the effects and reactions of each ingredient of the serum in contact with the skin in order to obtain the desired product, it was not easy to combine so much raw material and get everyone to get along, but we succeeded! It cannot be more natural and ecological! Read all the ingredients it contains here and you will feel that you are in the middle of a forest. That is why it is so special, and its packaging is unique.

When to use it?

The ozone serum is ideal to use in your morning facial routines, but if you prefer to use it at night because you have more time, it does not matter, it works wonders both day and night. Important that before applying it, wash your face with soap and water.

With very few drops of the product, it will be enough to hydrate and renew your face, we are eager for you to try it and let us know your experiences and / or impressions since we love to hear and read opinions from our followers.

It is the best gift you can give yourself.



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